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Defending homeowners involved with HOA disputes against the arbitrary decisions of an HOA can be challenging.  Craig held tough in defending his client in this case published in Denver's Westword magazine:

Chambers, the attorney who represented Myers, says the problems lie with the tactics that management companies use and the influence they exert over HOAs. But he also points out that there is no one regulating HOAs in the state, so boardmembers can use their position to make arbitrary rules and make things miserable for other homeowners.

"There are hundreds of stories like this," he says, adding that after he noted on his old website that that he was familiar with HOA rules, he was bombarded by homeowners who had issues with their HOAs but didn't know where to go.

"The Myerses were a good case because they paid their dues," Chambers says, noting that many disgruntled homeowners will stop paying their dues during a dispute with their HOA, which only gives the HOA and their management companies more grounds to sue and tack on late fees and legal fees. "So then your choice is to pay the $15,000 in dues or they foreclose on your house. Somebody needs to put a stop to it," he says, and the first step is some sort of government oversight.

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