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October 29, 2016

5 Tips on How to Save Attorney Fees in a Divorce

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By Craig Franklin Chambers. Esquire

Vol.1.4   October 29, 2016

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In my role as a family law and divorce attorney in Littleton, Denver, Highlands Ranch, and the surrounding areas, I meet people of all economic backgrounds and capabilities. All of them want to get through the legal process efficiently and  cost-effectively. Here are a 5uick tips to save money on attorneys fees.

  1. Shop around for the attorney. Attorneys fees vary by lawyer and by firm. Some offer discounted or reduced fees based on income and other considerations. Some take payments, others don't. A good attorney should be able to give you a reasonable estimate, based on the facts and level of conflict of the case. Just as you would interview several other professionals before hiring them, do the same before hiring an attorney.
  2. Hire someone you trust. You need to let the attorney do his job. Even though he works for you, you should not micro-manage him. Each attorney has own style and that style should be compatible with your personality. You should trust and be honest with your attorney. Your communications with him are confidential and privileged under the attorney-client privilege. He needs to know the facts to properly strategize your case.
  3. Don't treat your attorney as a marriage counselor, therapist, priest, or a friend. An attorney charges for his time and his expertise. Not only for his higher education, but for his experience in front of the very same judges and magistrates who will hear your case. Don't run up phone calls on unrelated or irrelevant matters.
  4. Help the attorney. Help the attorney by being responsive and precise and by creating time-lines and organizing your documents. The case is being presented first in a well-organized manner to other side with the hopes the evidence will convince the other side to settle, and ultimately, to the judge. It is your case, after all, and the simpler you can make the case, the simpler and more compelling the story, the easier and less expensive the case will become.
  5. Be reasonable in your demands and expectations. Understand that getting thorough the divorce with minimum stress is also important, especially in a divorce where children are involved. If there are children involved, they are the first priority. You have deal with your Ex the rest of your life, and you may want to be invited to your daughter's graduation or wedding or have a relationship with your grandchildren.

Don't argue over small amounts of money. Don't make demands that are based on spite. Don't pursue claims you are unlikely to win. Most importantly, don't bully the other side and make them look like a victim.

The judge doesn't want to hear this case anymore than you do, and the judges are generally unmoved by emotional outbursts, hyperbole, or exaggerations.

The party who is reasonable and rationale usually gains the most credibility with the judge.

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