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December 30, 2014

Predictions for The New Year

Denver Divorce and Real Estate Lawyer Blog. (Vol 1.50)  December 30, 2014

By Craig Franklin Chambers Esq. 7851 S. Elati Street #204, Littleton,  CO 80120

The Littleton Lawyer.  

As a Colorado real estate  lawyer  practicing family law, custody, divorce and real estate law in Littleton, and Highlands Ranch,  including all jurisdictions in Jefferson, Arapahoe, Denver, and Douglas County, I keep apprised with the Denver area real estate market. Not just as a real estate attorney, but as an active, licensed real estate broker.

Each year goes by quickly, and the end of each year, I look back and see how the year turned out. The real estate market for the last several years has been a total turn-around from the real estate marker of the recession. Inventory is low, and Denver is once again a boom-town. Of course, although people continue to move here in number estimated at 60,000 people per year , this scenario cannot last. The market will eventually flatten out or correct. But in the long term, real estate in the Denver is likely a good investment.

There are several areas that I think will do especially well in the next few years. I base these predictions on my own 33 years experience as a licensed Colorado Real Estate broker and my almost 18 years experience as a Colorado licensed attorney specializing in residential real estate transactions.

Aside from the reputation of the schools in an area, which is probably the most important aspect of what drives the prices, the buyers commute is important. Often there are two income couples who may work in different directions. As the light rail is developed to the North side of the metro area, as well as to the airport, the areas in close proximity to the new light rail stops will  do well. The light rail will hook them up to the city, and there will be development along the way.

Another area is Fitzsimmons. Although development. Development of this part of Aurora has been weigh-laid in a way by Stapleton, given the number of professional medical people who work in this concentrated area, this part of Aurora will eventually result in redevelopment and appreciation.

My own area -- down by Ken Carl -- including Sterling Ranch-- will likely do well as it is a lovely area with good access through C-470, Martin Lockheed is said to be expanding, and the development of Sterling Ranch will make it appear to be closer in.

Lastly, close in areas such as Harvey Park which are undervalued will eventually turn.  Historically, the closer in the better, and as the inner city areas improve, and the city grows, there will be development opportunities in areas like these.

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