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February 4, 2013

My Legal Opinion

Real Estate Lawyer and Family Law Lawyer Blog (Vol I.1)

by Craig Franklin Chambers, Esq. The Littleton Lawyer.

Many of my real estate and law clients have called me or e-mailed me and asked me why I didn't have a blog. After considering the idea, I have redesigned my website to include one. This is my first entry. My subject is, naturally, the purpose of my blog.

The advisors  I have spoken to--and it is important in any field, especially real estate or law--to have knowledgeable and competent advisors--- approved of the idea of blog with a few caveats. They came up with several guidelines.

Don't write the blog yourself, they chimed;  don't use real names; and don't give opinions. Their idea of the blog is to write neutral content.  Not even to write it, but to purchase it from another source and publish it on their website. I looked at some other websites, and sure enough, most of the lawyers did not even write their own blogs.

I don't think there should be rules about blogs. There shouldn't be rules about writing, and a blog  really is just a newspaper column without an editor, without a newspaper, and without a reader. The only rule for writing anything should be that if it works, it works. That's the rule.

My idea of a blog--and it is true I may not know what a blog is--is to give my opinions about real estate law, real estate sales and family law in no particular order. My blog will never be free of politics because opinions and politics are intertwined with the subjects I choose to include in my blog and in the word choices made in writing the blog. My blog will come from real conflicts.  I've been to closings, I've been to court, I've won cases, I've lost cases, that is source of my blog.

My blog will be opinionated, to be sure. I do understand (begrudgingly) that you may not be interested in my political positions or movie critiques, but these critiques will be expressed if relevant to a blog subject of which I know a little something professionally--- real estate brokerage, real estate law and family in Denver, Littleton,  Highlands Ranch,  and the surrounding areas.

Both lawyers and real estate brokers  are sought for their opinions, real estate brokers for their market value assessments and lawyers for their legal opinions after developing the facts and researching the applicable law. If an advisor can't advise, what good is he? If a blog merely takes up space, why bother? It is my goal that if anyone reads this blog,  they may gain insight into these subjects, and just as important, that I might gain insight by writing about them.

As for using peoples real names, I would like to thank Jabez for his good advice (which I did not follow)  and Mary Janiczek for redesigning my website.

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